ESPA EPAnEK 2014 2020


WYLTOR doors are carefully designed with detailed
precision ensuring ultimate functionality and maximum
resistance to extreme operating conditions.

Our doors are well designed, compact and
durable, so that they can ensure the
smoothest and safest functionality for
both people and goods.

no matter what your building is used for,
people can move around safely
and comfortably.

Advantages of WYLTOR
landing doors

› Wide range of clear opening widths
(600mm÷4000mm) and height (2000mm÷3000mm)
› Central opening from 2-panel to 8-panel
› Telescopic opening from 1-panel to 4-panel
› Easy installation and maintenance
› Minimum installation and maintenance cost
› Great flexibility in special constructions
› Variety of colours and coatings of stainless steel

WYLTOR has been designing and
manufacturing its own range of
automatic doors for the last 30 years.

background landing doors 3

Advantages of WYLTOR
VVVF car doors

› Easy and guided set-up of the doors’ operating parameters
with the help of special parameters such as speed and
opening and closing force, accelerationdeceleration of
movement, return of opening
› Minimum number of mechanism components, resulting
in excellent function and absence of failures, during lift operation
› Integrated automatic release in case of power failure
› Automatic correction of any damage of the electronic board
› 400 kg maximum tractive weight using a single engine
› Factory adjustment of the door’s operating parameters
depending on the lift type
› Works with all types of lift electrical panels, photocells
and photocurtains
› Minimum number of connecting wires to the board
› Installation, cooperation and flawless operation with a wide
range of different types of landing doors in cases of
renovation and replacement
› Quick delivery time (in special cases within 1 week)


WYLTOR’s semi-automatic doors are robust, reliable and durable. They are produced
and available in standard and no standard dimensions and are the perfect solution for
limited shaft dimensions and structures with high strength requirements.