ESPA EPAnEK 2014 2020


Wyltor offers stair lift systems that are ideally
installed in all types of stairways both
indoors and outdoors.

Solutions accessible for all.

As the world moves forward, demands for accessible
solutions increase. Elderly people and people with
impaired mobility need to move without any difficulty,
whether its in a public building, in transportation hubs
or even their own private home.


Wheelchair platform stairlift is the ideal solution
for accessing buildings where using a lift is not
possible. It can be installed on the wall or the
floor, outdoors and indoors, at an angle or with
vertical lifting.

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Stairlifts are designed to provide a solution for
people with difficulty in climbing stairs. Designed
for all staircase sizes and shapes on special order
for ideal installation and use. It is installed on any
indoor or outdoor, straight or curved staircase.
Stairlifts are available in a variety of colours and
materials and come with an EC declaration of