ESPA EPAnEK 2014 2020



LC100 is a microcontroller using CAN BUS communication system. It has
the ability to control up to 8 lifts for up to 40 stops and up to a speed of 4m/s.
It offers complete logging of functions and faults providing the corresponding
statistic results that help to reduce and to eliminate lift malfunctions. The
entire electrical installation is thoroughly checked, as well as all electrical
components required for each lift order. The setting procedure includes tuning
the control with the motor for each order, “tune and phase of motor”.

controllers 1

› fully plug’ n play prewired system

LC100 is supplied pre-assembled, pre-connected and pre-tested. Entire electrical installation is thoroughly checked which minimizes time of installation.

› 100% pre-tested

Pre testing procedure includes tuning the controller with the motor of each order. Standard procedure of “tune and phase of motor”.

› fully programmable and adjustable at site

› one terminal point for any use

LC100 allows a single person to adjust parameters and function of the lift connected to either in and over the cabin, in pit station and in every single LOP.

› up to 8 lifts controlled and up to a speed of 4m/s

› destination control system

Efficient destination control solution for optimizing waiting + travel time and energy consumption, reducing crowd in cars, reducing number of stops per trip and getting lobbies more organized during rush hours.

› flexible designed solutions for every need of electrical

parts of the lifts LC100 offers numerous programmable functions of the lifts and multilanguage support on controller terminals

› superior quality components by using exclusively leading

brands as our suppliers

controllers 2


Signalization for many is considered just an add-on, but for us is an essential part of the functionality and the
overall cabin design. Personalize the Car Operating Panels as well as the Landing Panels, according to your needs
and aesthetics, in order to better match the looks and feeling of your building.



You can make your Car and Landing operating panels not only functional. but stylish as well. Inox satine or mirror and even epoxy painted with a RAL colour of your choice can really level up the user’s experience.
For those looking for a more modern-looking feel, we can also offer coloured glass panels with touch buttons


Three colour choices for the indicators that can really give your
panels a personalized feel. Chose between blue, red and white colours and make your lift stand out!