ESPA EPAnEK 2014 2020


Created for your biggest challenges.

The powerful, robust and high-performance WYLTOR car & cargo lift is ideal for a multitude of extremely demanding vertical freight transportation tasks in any type of building: supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants and offices.


Those heavy lifters are designed specifically for durable and smooth rides in order to best handle fragile loads, and accurate leveling for easy loading and unloading.
Speed and power, alongside premium-quality design, aren’t compromised. WYLTOR’s reliable operation and excellent ride quality helps to protect fragile loads, making sure both passengers and loads have a smooth ride.

The cabins are built for the heaviest of uses, with finishes in stainless steel or powdercoated paint and protected by buffer rails.
We offer a wide selection of wall, floor and landing- door materials, giving you the chance to seamlessly integrate the cabin with the building’s interior design.

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