ESPA EPAnEK 2014 2020


Low traffic? High demands!

The hydraulic lift is suitable for residential buildings with low traffic and up to 4 to 5 stops with limited space for shaft. It can be installed in buildings with or without machine room and offers an excellent ride with an excellent stopping accuracy at every floor.

H L Black Green Version

› quick & easy to install

Designed and delivered in pre-assembled
mechanical parts and in plug’n’play electrical parts. Suitable for 2 to 6 stops.

› superior quality

100% produced in Europe by using exclusively leading brands in our products

› provided with a standard UPS system in case of a power supply failure

› maximum space efficiency of the shaft

Ideal for shaft with reduced pit and headroom. Controller and power unit available in a cabinet.

› comfort

Smooth ride with a soft stop and a soft start
function and an exceptional stopping accuracy in every level.

› energy efficiency

Is designed to minimize energy consumption from mechanicals parts and drives to car lighting.

› customized solutions

Special study and design according to needs or requirements of a building.

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