ESPA EPAnEK 2014 2020


Limited space? Spacious solution!

The TMRL.21L.2100 is a machine room less lift, oneside mechanical mounted
support which is designed to fit and installed in buildings with restricted space
for shafts. It is the ideal lift for existing buildings and for extremely limited
spaces in the pit and in the headroom.


› up to triple access

Allows single 0°, double at 90° or 180° and triple access.

› maximum space efficiency of the shaft

The compact design of Wyltor’s MRL lifts can be installed in almost any building and giving more space in the car.

› minimized time of installation

As a result of a plug’ n play on all electrical parts and of pre-assembled mechanical parts of the lift.

› superior quality

100% produced in Europe by using exclusively leading brands in our products.

› comfort

Designed to give a smooth and a silenced operation enjoying every ride of the lift.

› energy efficiency

Is designed to minimize energy consumption from mechanicals parts and drives to car lighting.

› perfect leveling accuracy at every floor

After sales support 24/7 in immediate real time with high-qualified people.

› customized solutions

Special study and design according to needs or requirements of a building.
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