ESPA EPAnEK 2014 2020


TMRL21L Limited space? Spacious solution! The TMRL.21L.2100 is a machine room less lift, oneside mechanical mountedsupport which is designed to fit and installed in buildings with restricted spacefor shafts. It is the ideal lift for existing buildings and for extremely limitedspaces in the pit and in the headroom. › up to triple access Allows single … Continued


TMRL21C The ideal solution for high rise buildings. The TMRL.21C is a machine room less lift, designed to cover a wide range of buildings, such as residential buildings, offices buildings, hotels, hospitals and shopping centers. It requires less space and lower energy consumption. › comfort Designed to give a smooth and a silenced operation enjoying … Continued


HYDRAULIC Low traffic? High demands! The hydraulic lift is suitable for residential buildings with low traffic and up to 4 to 5 stops with limited space for shaft. It can be installed in buildings with or without machine room and offers an excellent ride with an excellent stopping accuracy at every floor. › quick & … Continued


TRACTION 1:1 High Quality. High Rise. High Expectations. Traction lifts with a machine room are suitable for high-rise buildings. They are also often can be installed and replace old lifts in buildings with an existing machine room. › suitable for high rise buildings › unique solution to replace lifts in a building that already have … Continued


Traction home lift is the perfect solution for private houses. Requires minimum space and operates at extremely low noise levels with no vibration and with a very low energy consumption. Is available with automatic or semiautomatic doors and in a monophase or a three phase power supply.


Hydraulic home lift is the ideal lift for private houses and a value for money solution. It can be installed in shafts with pit and headroom limitations with either automatic or semiautomatic doors.


Dumbwaiter is a small freights traction lift for lifting goods such as food, clothes and others. It is the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels and even for private houses.


The powerful, robust and high-performance WYLTOR car & cargo lift is ideal for a multitude of extremely demanding vertical freight transportation tasks in any type of building: supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants and offices.